Promo Codes and Coupon Codes

Enter promo code 5PEROFF at checkout for an additional 5% discount. Promo codes can be used on most sale items. Only one promo code can be used per order.


Bulk Purchases

Customers purchasing multiple items may be eligible for bundle discounts. Contact us at wholesale@xsvla.com for details.




Reviewer Giveaway


Over the years, we have received lots of positive feedback on Ebay from our loyal customers. We are now looking to bolster our customer feedback on Google as well. So for a limited time, positive reviewers on Google will receive their choice of the following:

  • An OEM Scion keychain
  • A cell phone accessories bundle, including SIM card adapters, iPhone 5 case, etc.

To qualify, simply submit a positive review on Google, then email us your shipping address. Be sure to email us from the same Gmail email as the positive review, so that we can verify the review.

While supplies last! Offer limited to one giveaway item per US shipping address. We cannot ship to international addresses. Thank you.